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40 Weeks | Baby Raisin


How big is baby: 19-22 inches, 6-9 pounds, the size of a Jackfruit!  I’m not sure what that is, but I imagine it is huge!

Weight gain/loss: Right on target, doing just fine!

Sleep: I’m on maternity leave as of last Friday, so I’ve been getting better sleep now that I haven’t had to wake up at 4am for work.  I’m letting myself take naps when I’m tired and sleep until I wake up in the morning.  The carpal tunnel is constant now, but it’s mostly just a numbness in the tips of my middle fingers during the day and it doesn’t wake me up at night anymore, thank God!  That was excruciating when I would wake up in extreme pain and wouldn’t be able to sleep.  I often am up for an hour or so in the night and get up to go to the bathroom a couple times, but I’m so thankful I can get some sleep in now before Celia comes.  Any day now.  Right?  Right?

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

Cravings: Nothing new.

Aversions: None!

Movement: I can tell she is pretty much at her limit now since her movements happen less frequently and they tend to not be for as long.  I hope she gets uncomfortable enough to come out!

What I’m loving: I’m loving that I still feel really good overall despite it being my due date.  I’m loving having time to do things I want to do, although I do feel as though I am wasting my time off since she isn’t here yet.  I’m just trying to soak up each kick and wiggle like it is the last one.

Symptoms: Nothing new.

What I’m excited about: Hmmm…what could a pregnant woman at 40 weeks be excited for?  I wonder?… Let me think…  DUH!  I’m excited to go into labor already!  Never in a million years would I think I would be excited every time a Braxton Hicks contraction comes along or I feel a little cramp in my side.  I’m constantly waiting for a painful contraction, my water to break, a part of my mucus plug to fall out (sorry TMI), anything!  And yet, so far, nothing.  I just want to get the birth over with so I don’t have to dread it anymore and I want this precious little girl in my arms, stat!  On Friday, I’ll schedule an induction for next week.  I know I will be meeting her by the end of next week, but I really want her to come on her own.  The sooner for me, the better.  San is having a crazy-busy week at work however, so for their sake, it would be better for him to be there, but for our sake, we want our baby to come!

What I’m nervous about: I’m really not nervous about much.  I just want her here.  I just want her to be healthy.

I sure hope this is my last weekly pregnancy update!

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