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18 Weeks | Baby Raisin


How big is baby: 5.5 inches long, or the size of a sweet potato!   Wow, that’s something I can really picture since I ate so many of them trying to get pregnant!

Weight gain/loss: No idea, truthfully.  I’ll find out next week at our 20 week ultrasound!  I’ve realized that I’m posting the updates pretty much a week late, but oh well.  I turn 19 weeks tomorrow, but it’s a good recap of the week I just had, I suppose!

Sleep: Um…we have some major changes going on in our life (we haven’t shared it openly on the blog or our Youtube channel yet, but we plan on it, so sleep has been really hard because I’ve honestly been incredibly stressed out.  I’ve gotten better at calming myself during the day, but at night, the worries wake me up quite often.

Stretch Marks: None yet

Cravings: I think I’ve had my first consistent craving: apple juice!

Aversions: Still chicken and just random things at night.

Movement: I’m not sure if I’ve felt anything that was real movement, but on Friday, I had a lot of pressure, almost like the baby was using the bottom of uterus as a trampoline.  Definitely not butterflies or flutters!

What I’m loving: I’m loving all the support we have from family and friends!  I’m loving that I feel good overall and that I can use more energy now since I definitely need it with all the stuff we have going on.

Symptoms: Really nothing this week.  I seriously don’t even feel pregnant really anymore except for the obvious belly and other growing parts.

What I’m excited about: I’m excited that in a week and two days we will (fingers crossed) know what the sex of our baby is!  We can finally start shopping!

What I’m nervous about: Um…where do I begin?  I’m leaning on God right now 100% to get me through the next couple months because our life is completely turned upside down right now.  It’s all in very good ways, but it leaves this hormonal woman feeling very stressed and out of her element!

Let’s do a fun comparison of my belly pretty much before I started showing at 6 weeks compared to now, three months later.  Um…a lot has changed!  I may need to buy a different tank top and bra because certain parts don’t really fit into what I started this photo journey wearing!


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