We are always up to some kind of project around our house! From cooking to decorating and organizing to revamping a piece of furniture, we are always up to something! Check out some of our great projects from the blog archives in this hopefully easy to use project gallery. It will be updated periodically as we continue to blog.



We sure love to decorate! Below you will find links to posts about specific decorating projects. For an overview of our home’s decorating style, check out our Home Tour.



Sarah is a planning addict and loves all things Filofax, binder, and planner-related. She writes lots of posts about planning her days, planning house projects, and keeping paper clutter to a minimum.



Living in a small house and not having much storage space, means that we need to get creative with our organizing. Sarah loves organizing, especially when it is done in a way that looks nice and is on a tight budget. Check out all our organizing posts!


Cooking/Meal Planning

San is a chef, so cooking is something we end up talking about and doing a lot! We love saving money and time by prepping our meals at the beginning of the week. See how we save money, don’t skimp on flavor, and stay healthy all at the same time.



We are slightly addicted to buying furniture on the cheap and revamping it to work in our space. You can find some of our makeovers below.



Since everything we write about centers on our marriage, we definitely have some marriage-specific posts for you to check out.


Gift Ideas

Periodically, we post gift ideas. We always love creative, fun, and budget-friendly gift ideas, so you can check out ours below!