Random Facts About Our Pooches

If it wasn’t apparent enough through our Facebook and Instagram posts, we love our dogs. We love that as much as humans could possibly love a dog.  To sum it up, they are our fur babies.


Each of our dogs are not just different in size and appearance, but their personalities are different too.  Although Lucy is a lot older than Clem, they both share some of the same personality traits as well. Here’s some quick facts about our little ladies!


Clem, our first baby, is first up:



Little Lucy is just as quirky as her sister, but quite different too:



These puppy sisters also the same in a few ways as well:

There you have it friends.  Both of our fur babies are quite different, but in the end, they are both loving, sweet, and just two adorable dogs. Without them we would be lost.  They’ve helped us through a lot of these last few months. We owe our sanity to them.

What are some fun facts about your pets? Do you have more than one dog or cat?

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Meet Lucille Sue, Our Newest Love

I think it is pretty obvious that we are obsessed with Clementine, our first dog.  She has seriously brightened our world since the day we got her and has brought laughter into a home full of sadness during this really rough patch brought on by infertility.  We baby her like she is our human baby and I don’t regret it and am not ashamed about it one bit.  We will be writing about how we have coped with the emotional side of infertility soon, but I think it goes without saying that Clem has played a tremendous role in our happiness in the midst of lots of pain.

San had been hinting for a few months that he wanted a second dog.  I was very apprehensive because although Clem is serious the sweetest dog I have ever known, she is also extremely high-energy, full of life, and a lot of work!  I wasn’t sure how adding a second dog to the mix would be.  And truthfully, I loved spoiling just one dog with our love.  However, we went to a few pet stores to look around to help me warm up to the idea.  After that, I still wasn’t sure.  What if the new dog didn’t get along with Clemmie?  Clem is not a dominant dog and warms up to other dogs really quickly, but she is also very in-your-face and loves to play, so some mellow dogs aren’t a huge fan of her.

Well, then, one of San’s coworkers was leaving and wasn’t able to bring his dog with.  She was an eight year old rat terrier mix named Lucy.  We had her over for an hour without her owners and completely messed up the introduction so Clem ended up getting very scared and attacked Lucy.  So not like her.  She didn’t draw blood, but it wasn’t pretty to say the least.  We immediately brought Lucy back.  Well, after realizing our mistake in leaving Clem crated and letting the other dog wander our house, we had a playdate with Lucy at her owner’s house where they could play outside.  They played for about an hour with no fights.  Lucy growls a lot which really confused Clem at first because Clem rarely growls, but I think through play, she was able to see that Lucy’s growling isn’t aggressive, it’s just what she does.

The next day, we picked her up, and she’s been our second baby ever since.


I am happy to say that I love having two dogs.  I definitely did go through a kind of mourning period where I really missed my alone time with Clem, but it’s worked out that Clem is still the more cuddly of the two, so I still get lots of cuddle time with her.


We think of Lucy more as the older, wiser, more sophisticated sister (we sometimes refer to her as Audrey Hepburn).  She’s thinner and a little more fragile.

1658343_10202893144071191_539940111_oAnd Clementine is the younger, more playful, kind of ditzy, more laid back sister (we sometimes refer to her as Marilyn Monroe).  She’s more cuddly and soft.   Both are so beautiful and sweet, but they balance each other out so nicely.

We need to update our sidebar photo with a new family photo that includes Lucy.  We aren’t sure how one day having a baby will work with two dogs, but both are great with babies, so I think it should end up being just fine.

A week ago was Clem’s one year anniversary of joining our family.  We all celebrated with some pup-cakes.  San was able to bribe them with the cakes while I snapped some photos.  You can see Lucy’s intense gaze:


puppiversary-9 And Clemmie’s innocence:




Here are a few iphone shots of them together:



I’m sure you will be seeing lots of both girls on our blog and social media, so I thought it was high time we introduce Lucy Sue (middle name given by us)!

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