End of Summer Thrift Store Haul

I love me some thrift store shopping! I’m getting pretty uncomfortable in my current tops, but don’t want to invest in a ton of maternity tops if I don’t have to, so I headed to our local Salvation Army and Goodwill stores to check out some stretchy, loose tank tops that I can wear into the fall and winter with cardigans and sweaters. I may have picked up some home decor and Christmas items while I was there . . .

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Living an Organized, Cheap Life

We have been having lots of fun interacting with others with similar interests on Youtube and through our blog. I was super excited when Hilary from My So-Called Home tagged me to do the Organized Cheap Life TAG.  Basically, the tag involves sharing organization products, cheap finds, and thing that have helped improve our life in some way.  I had a lot of fun putting together this video!  I hope you enjoy!

If you have a Youtube channel and do this tag, please leave a link to it in the comments here on the blog or on the video itself.  If you don’t have a channel but want to play along, share your own organizations products, great deals, and things that have improved your life in the comments!

Spring 2014 Dollar Store Haul

Around here, we love saving money!  I’m pretty sure that’s not something that only we love to do.  I love watching haul videos on Youtube, especially when they are done at a low price point.  Sure, it’s fun to show off high-quality, high-priced items, but the real fun, in my opinion, is finding things at a bargain price!  I love the hunt!  So, today I’m sharing what I bought recently at a nearby dollar store.  Nothing is crazy, but I liked the challenge of finding things I will actually use that would normally run me a lot more money.


What is you most recent favorite bargain purchase?