Convenience or Variety?


Time.  It seems like in today’s time, time is such a valuable thing to have. It’s time with your kids. Time with your friends. Time doing the things you want to do the most. Of course time does also play a factor in your health and fitness goals too.

Within the past few years, I’ve come to really appreciate not just being able to drive down to my local gym, but being able to workout at home as well.  There are always pros and cons when it comes to both but I think I’ve come up with a conclusion: I love them both.

We all have our own reasons for why each is better than the other. Some may say that driving down to the Y is better than watching a DVD. Some say being at home is better just for convenience. Well friends, why not love them both?

Going To The Gym/Fitness Facility/YMCA/etc.

The Good:

I love going the gym.  I feel at peace with myself and my world when I’m there.  There’s something about getting that bicep pump or that sensation you get when you shatter a PR (personal record).  It’s you versus you there.  You have the ability to shut off the world there and focus on your health, mentally and physically. The different machines, weights, and racks there keep each and every workout interesting and challenging as well.

The Bad:

Sometimes it’s hard to find the appropriate gym for your budget and lifestyle. Are you going to have kids soon? Do you like to swim and play basketball? Finding the right place can be a challenge, especially if you have only so much to spend per month on a membership. Another reason gyms may not be your cup of tea is probably the peak occupancy times.  There has been too many occasions where I will have to alter my workout or change what time I choose to go because of how many people can be there sweating away the pounds.

The Ugly:

Not only does the price tag go up with what amenities you want out of your establishment, but dealing with scumbag gym-goers. The one’s who never rerack their weights. The people who refuse to share the equipment/hog it for long periods of time just talking to their buddies. The gym rat with loads of advice that you don’t really want to hear or even need. The list can go on, but you get the idea.

Working Out From Home:

The Good:

A little obvious, but you don’t have to go anywhere. During the frigid winters of Minnesota, I find myself really dreading the drive to my iron church. It’s nice to be able to pop in a homework out DVD (like Insanity, P9oX, or what have you) and just grind out the exercise in the privacy of your own home without feeling self-conscious about yourself.  The fact that you are able to go at your own pace and not have someone pestering you is an added bonus. I also love the fact that I’m able to play music as loud as I want and make as much noise as I want without people giving me the stink eye.

The Bad:

Some times you need space big enough for your home workout.  Some DVD’s require  you to also have some equipment as well (like a stability ball, dumbbells, etc) that you may not have space or money for.  I know from first-hand experience, that it’s a hell of a lot easier to get distracted at  home too.  If people start calling you, if your dog starts bugging you, or if someone unexpectedly comes over, it can totally throw you off your rhythm and you can easily loose focus.

The Ugly:

Although it would be awesome to just axe the gym membership all together, it would cost a fortune to have a home-gym set up the way I want it. There is also a limited amount of exercises that I can do at home without the proper equipment to hit the proper muscle group too(with the appropriate weight I might add).


In a nutshell, although I do love going to the gym, I do also really like that fact that I don’t have to go anywhere to get a decent workout in.  Some days when our pup would be home for a very long period of time (without going out or eating), I’m still able to get some exercise in without having to leave her behind.  On the flip side though, the high after completely an intense gym session is unmatched.  I love feeling accomplished and somewhat defeated after giving it my all at the gym.

What are your favorite things about working out at home? Do you find that you have better workouts at the gym or in your humble abode?