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Pros and Cons of Original Kitchen

I’m pretty sure shows like House Hunters and Property Virgins have made it clear that no house is ever perfect, especially a person’s first house.  I mean, even if we had unlimited funds, I don’t think I could design a “perfect” house because so many of the things I like are contradictory (love the functionality of a rambler but love the look of a two-story, want a neighborhood where future kids could run around with other friends but also would love to be out in the country with lots of space, you get the idea).  Every house has its pros and cons, just as each room does in a home.

Since we are in the process of some serious renovation, I thought I would share with you where we started at in the kitchen.  I’m kicking myself for not taking better photos of the house when we first bought it, but I just couldn’t wait to move in and change everything!

Before we get to the lists, let’s remember the layout of our house when we first moved in:

And, here are a couple photos:

Marital Glue House at Closing

The photo above shows the view from the living room/front door. There are cabinets on both side of this door way (although only one side is seen from this angle) and there is a very small open space that makes this kitchen considered an eat-in kitchen, even though that space was definitely not big enough for us, our table, as well as a walkway to the basement stair that were just around the corner.

Marital Glue House at Closing

 Pros of Original Kitchen:


Cons of Original Kitchen:

Whew!  That’s a long list!  Although we had a lot of cons to work with, I must say that there were a lot of pros for a sixty-year-old kitchen.  I will reveal that we are almost done with the kitchen part of our renovation, but we will be sharing over the course of many blog posts so you can see how it all went down.  Now that we’ve seen the transformation, I’m happy to report that we were able to remedy almost all of the cons!  That’s pretty good considering we definitely did not gut the whole thing and start over.  We worked with what we had, and even added a few extra bonuses in there!  I can’t wait to share over the next few weeks!

Check back on Friday to read about (and see pretty inspiration photos) our plan for the kitchen!

In the meantime, I’m wondering what are the pros and cons of your kitchen?