Grocery and Meal | August 17-23

We are at it again!  We love prepping our meals out on the weekends and eating them throughout the week so we don’t have to worry about cooking when we get home or choosing unhealthy foods on the run for lunch.

I was craving tacos this week, so that’s what I made us for dinner using ground turkey instead of beef.  San made two lunches (only one is shown in the video): ground beef and shredded barbecue chicken, both with broccoli and rice.  I made myself some shredded chicken sandwiches and corn.


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Groceries and Meal Prep: August 4-10

A lot of people ask about our meal prepping for lunches and dinners, so we thought periodically, we would film a video and post a blog post detailing this portion of our meal planning, prepping, and preparing. If we worked traditional 9-5 jobs close to home, we would probably cook more on a nightly basis, but since San’s schedule is irregular as a banquet chef and I work long hours with a long commute, we are usually too tired and have too little time to cook a nice dinner at night while still having a little time to tidy the house, get ready for bed, play with the dogs, etc.

We have been prepping one to two large recipes along with our daily lunches for at least a year now, so we have a good system down. We don’t typically make the same thing every week for lunches, but we do use the same few recipes or variations of them often. Our lunches are usually a mason jar salad, salsa chicken, meatballs, a cheap steak cut up, or pasta. For sides with the meat items we typically make roasted sweet potatoes, brown rice, and/or veggies. For dinners, we typically just make two large batches of a recipe that sounds appetizing and is relatively healthy. It also has to be something that can reheat well or be cooked quickly at night. Every night when we get home, we simply portion out our servings for that night, heat them up on the stove or microwave, and a few minutes later, we are eating a home-cooked, healthy, delicious meal that we didn’t have to make that night.

This week, I am just showing my lunches since San prepped his a different day. I made mason jar salads with a homemade ranch dressing. For dinners, since I have been nauseous at night, we are having two different types of soups: 1 – butternut squash soup with apple and smoked cheddar 2 – The video details any changes we made and the video description lists them as well.

To see what ingredients we bought at Trader Joe’s, how we prepped the salads, and easy the soups were, please watch the video below.

If you like these kinds of posts/videos, please let us know in the comments of the video or this blog post. If we receive good feedback, we will continue to make these on a more regular basis.

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