Marital Glue About Us

Sarah: Welcome! We are so happy to have you over to our little blog home and virtually invite you into our first home! I’m Sarah and this is my husband, San (pronounced like Sam with an “n”). Oh, and I can’t forget little Clementine Louise. If you were really at our doorstep, she would be attacking you with kisses.

San: Together we are Marital Glue. Sarah is a professional wedding photographer and I am the Lead Banquet Chef at a large hotel. We’re high school sweethearts and we’re both in our early twenties.  We share a common love of food, all things vintage, and our dog Clem.

Sarah: Our blog, House Made of Marital Glue, sprouted from our passion to make our house our house (you know, different from every other house on the block) and our tendency to overshare and ramble (well maybe that’s just me).

San: So you’re probably wondering, what does “Marital Glue” even mean?  For each couple, it can be a different definition.  Overall, it’s what keeps us bound together as one couple through triumphs and failures.  It’s special moments that pull us closer; days were we can just be together and enjoy the company of our over-energetic pup.

Sarah: Our “marital glue” contains all sorts of things. We love to spruce up our home, and honestly have waited for the days of home ownership for a long time. I have a semi-insane hankering for all things organizing. Since San is a chef, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Add in some exercising, budgeting, and loving on God (and our dog), and you have our marriage and our blog.

San: Through House Made of Marital Glue, we hope to that we can get a few laughs from our readers who will share and use our crazy ideas in their own lives and hopefully inspire them to go above and beyond what they thought they weren’t capable of achieving.

Sarah: Okay, enough rambling, why don’t you come on in and look around! Feel free to start at the Home Tour, or just scroll through our recent posts on our homepage. If you have a question or just want to say hello, drop us a line!