38 Weeks | Baby Raisin


I did some rearranging in preparation for Celia’s arrival, so I had to take my weekly photo in another spot with different lighting – hence the very orange background this week.

How big is baby: 19-22 inches, 6.5 pounds, the size of a swiss chard!  She’s not growing much more at this point.

Weight gain/loss: Right on target, doing just fine!

Sleep: I have been so thankful the last few nights (maybe it’s been up to 5 days?!?) when I have been able to get a decent amount of sleep and sleep through most of the night.  I’ve been wearing my splints more often throughout the day so the carpal tunnel isn’t as bad most nights.  Praise the Lord!  I’m going to need as much sleep as I can get before Celia arrives!

Stretch Marks: I think I’ve been getting more on my belly around my belly button. 🙁  I was hoping I would make it out without any stretch marks on my belly but they’ve decided to show up now.

Cravings: Nothing new.

Aversions: None!

Movement: She is still a mover.  Sometimes I am just amazed by how she squirms around in there!  It won’t be long until you are out, little one!

What I’m loving: I won’t lie – I’m loving that I’m almost done being pregnant!  It’s been getting pretty uncomfortable lately and I am ready to have her out.  As I was falling asleep the other night, I googled “38 weeks and everything hurts” and was no surprised that there were tons of results!  Nights are usually when the pain is worst.

Symptoms: I would say the aches and pains have been getting worse.  San sometimes has to help me up if I’ve been sitting in one position too long, and don’t even get me started about rolling over in bed or getting out of bed!  PAINFUL!

What I’m excited about: I am BEYOND excited that we accepted an offer on our house!  We have now begun the official house hunt and so far, nothing we like enough to put an offer in on, but we are happy to be moving forward finally.  Two months of waiting after a few months of finishing the house was becoming very hard.

What I’m nervous about: I’m not nervous about much at this point.  I just want to make sure everything goes smoothly with the house sale and that we are able to go house hunting when something great pops on the market.  I have a feeling San may be leaving the hospital to go look at a house or we may be looking at houses in a groggy, sleep-deprived state during the first week Celia is here with us.  I’m not really looking forward to that, but it is very important to us to get a house soon and we don’t want to slip away because we just had a baby.  This move was mostly for her to be close to family, so we don’t want the right house to pass us by!

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