34 Weeks | Baby Raisin


How big is baby: 19-22 inches, just under 5 pounds, the size of a pineapple!  Is it just me, or are these fruit finally the really big fruit?!  I can’t believe how quickly babies grow!  Months ago she was the size of a raisin!

Weight gain/loss: No idea – I don’t plan on checking unless I have to!  It’s very hard to be this pregnant over the holidays!

Sleep: Some nights I sleep 9-10 hours and some nights I can’t sleep at all and get five hours.  Sometimes I’ll take a three hour nap, which is something I never did pre-pregnancy!  I’m just trying to sleep when I can!

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

Cravings: Nothing new.

Aversions: Non!

Movement: I can tell that she is really squished in there now because her movements aren’t as big and I feel a lot more of her moving her whole body rather than kicks and punches.  She has started to kick me very hard in the ribs as well which hurts!  I swear she’s trying to push her way out of my uterus sometimes!

What I’m loving: I’m loving that she is almost here!  I keep thinking about how many days/weeks we have left until 37 when I’m full-term (I know 39 weeks is now considered full-term, but that’s only because people were scheduling c-sections for after 37 weeks, but if she came at 37 weeks, chances are good that she would be fully developed enough to go home!  It blows my mind that she could come very soon!

Symptoms: My hands have been falling asleep and getting tingly while I sleep which is very annoying and wakes me up.  I’ve gotten to the point where all the exercise, changing positions, and stretching in the world wouldn’t keep my lower half from feeling stiff and sore.  Other than just being uncomfortable and unable to do as much as I could before, I am feeling really good!  The nesting has definitely kicked in!

What I’m excited about: I’m so excited to buy our last baby supplies and to feel secure now in our situation and everything.  It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but I’m at a place of peace about not having our own place when the baby comes and not having everything all figured out.  That’s a lot of coping considering how much I like to be in control of things in my life!  I have channeled that into being meticulous about our hospital bag and have made spreadsheets and spent a lot of time trying to save a ton of money on the last big-ticket items we need/want for our baby girl.

What I’m nervous about: I’m mostly just nervous about not knowing when she will come.  I would say I’m more anxious now, and  not scared, about the birth and what it’s going to be like.

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