30 Weeks | Baby Raisin


How big is baby: She is currently a little over 17 inches long and weighs a little over three pounds. She is the size of a butternut squash!!  Holy smokes!  She’s getting so big!

Weight gain/loss: I was so happy checking the scale today that even after our deliciously huge Thanksgiving meal yesterday, I’m only up 23 pounds!  I know I’ve said that I just want a healthy baby and that I’ll get as big as I get, but no woman wants to see the scale go up to huge numbers especially when the end is when I will probably gain the most.  If I gain a pound a week like everything I have read suggests a pregnant woman should/will toward the end, I will still be in what the doctors have considered a healthy range for my size.  We’ll see what happens after Christmas rolls around now that I’m living with my parents and my mom makes some amazing Christmas cookies!

Sleep: It’s gotten pretty bad lately.  I wake up for about 2 hours in the night and can’t sleep.  If we have time to sleep in, I will normally fall back asleep, but often that is not an option, so I go without.  I guess this will be what sleep is like when Celia arrives.

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

Cravings: Pretty much nothing food-wise.  I haven’t admitted this to many people, but I’ve had some really strange smell-cravings as I like to call them.  The things I am “craving” I don’t want to actually eat, but I LOVE the smell and I crave the smell of them.  These things include: gas, sheetrock (like the smell of Menards – I LOVE that smell), and paper.  It’s very weird, but it’s gotten pretty intense some days!  I definitely won’t be sniffing any gas, but I must say that I kind of like filling up my gas tank in the frigid cold, even though I do everything I can to not breathe in too many vapors.  I have read that this is pretty common, but it makes me feel very weird!

Aversions: Still chicken, but it’s not overwhelming.

Movement: She’s a dancing machine!  Lately, she’s been sticking limbs out so that we can feel her little arm or leg trying to poke through my uterus.  It’s so cool to feel how big she is!

What I’m loving: I’m loving that we are now in the 30’s week-wise, so we are getting close!  I’m also loving that our house is finally on the market.

Symptoms: My feet have been getting pretty tingly when I sit too long, probably from a lack of adequate blood flow to my extremities. It’s very, very uncomfortable, but it normally goes away from walking around a little bit.  Acid reflux is not my friend and it has gotten really bad a couple times this week.  I love this little girl so much and am just SO ready to have her on the outside (although mentally I don’t think I’m ready for the birth yet).

What I’m excited about: Less stress of finishing the house now that it is on the market, cozying up more during this holiday season, trying to just focus on going slow and resting.  It’s not easy since there still is so much to do, but I’m trying!

What I’m nervous about: There are many worries on my mind, but I’ve been doing my best to give them to God and to just have a breakdown if I need one.  Crying really does help sometimes.  The house not selling or not selling for about what we want it to would mean some not so happy things for us, but I’m trying to just not worry about it because it is out of our control.  I’m worried that we don’t have all the stuff we want/need for when Celia arrives and money is tight right now, so we will just have to see what happens.  This whole process definitely hasn’t gone like I thought it would, but I’ve learned so much throughout all this and am just hoping and praying we make it through with a beautiful healthy baby girl at the end of it all.

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