29 Weeks | Baby Raisin

How big is baby: She is currently about 17 inches long and weighs about 2.9 pounds. She is the size of a small cabbage!

Weight gain/loss: Haven’t checked!

Sleep: Really hit or miss.  It is getting very hard to get comfortable and stay comfortable throughout the night, though.

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

Cravings: Pretty much nothing.

Aversions: Still chicken, but it’s not overwhelming.

Movement: Her movements are getting even stronger and are even more visible on the outside now!  I don’t think I will ever get sick of feeling her move around in there.  I’ve been trying to figure out what body parts I am feeling when I press on my belly, but I am really bad at figuring it out!

What I’m loving: This is going to be really lame, but lately I’ve been so uncomfortable in my own pajamas!  I normally wear pajama pants of some sort and a t-shirt from a concert, high school, etc. which are all size small.  They still technically “fit,” but they are all just so uncomfortable to me.  I love wearing loose clothing around the house, and nothing I own fits loosely anymore!  So, in desperation, I pulled out a pair of San’s pajama pants he never wears, one of his t-shirts, and a sweatshirt and I was in comfort heaven!  I’m sure I looked ridiculous but I felt so good!  Luckily he’s not too much bigger than me so I wasn’t drowning in the clothes, but since men’s clothes are already usually looser and he is bigger than me, it was the perfect solution!  I don’t plan on going back to my own lounge clothes until Celia is in my arms!

Symptoms: I tend to forget my symptoms when I go to write these posts, so I wrote them down this time!  I have been having daily heartburn, which is not something I’ve ever suffered from, thankfully.  It is no fun!  I haven’t found a trend of when it happens, what I ate, how much I ate, etc., so I’m just riding it out and hoping it won’t get worse.  My belly button is also on the verge of being fully popped.  It’s been half-popped for a couple weeks (the top half kind of sticks out but the bottom half wasn’t there yet).  When I am sitting after a meal, it is usually sticking out, but it’s not fully popped all the time yet.

What I’m excited about: Our house is going on the market this week!!!!!  I have a whole week off next week!!!!  We are going house hunting this weekend!!!!  Need I say more?

What I’m nervous about: As excited as I am about our house going on the market, I’m very nervous it’s not going to sell for close to what we wanted.  We would never have finished the basement if we weren’t going to make a big chunk of money off of it (it’s been so hard on my parents and us to hold on to this home and work on it every spare second, and of course with that going on we’ve had more extra expenses than we’ve had all year with my tire popping, San needing new tires, San’s catalytic converter needing replacement, my front brakes grinding, etc.), so it will be pretty devastating if we don’t make a decent amount back on the sale of the house.  However, at the end of the day, I just want it gone at a decent price.

I’ve also started to get pretty nervous about the birth.  I’ve been doing a lot to prepare for it, love our Bradley classes, and am trying to stay positive, but I am HORRIBLE at mentally preparing for things I’ve never gone through before and at the end of the day, really know nothing about.  I could research every birth that has ever occurred, practice all kinds of techniques, do labor rehearsals, etc. and still be super nervous because I don’t know what my body is going to do, how Celia will be positioned, if the hospital will pressure me into things I don’t want to do, etc.  Part of me is just ready to rip the bandaid off because she is going to be so worth it and I just want to get through it!

Sidenote: I plan on taking a ton of photos of the finished house this week as well as film a final house tour video (sadface), but I just want to let anyone waiting for it know that I accidentally dropped my laptop this week and can’t get Photoshop to work (as well as various other programs – I haven’t tried our video editor yet), so there may be a longer wait time than I would like.

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