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30 Weeks | Baby Raisin


How big is baby: She is currently a little over 17 inches long and weighs a little over three pounds. She is the size of a butternut squash!!  Holy smokes!  She’s getting so big!

Weight gain/loss: I was so happy checking the scale today that even after our deliciously huge Thanksgiving meal yesterday, I’m only up 23 pounds!  I know I’ve said that I just want a healthy baby and that I’ll get as big as I get, but no woman wants to see the scale go up to huge numbers especially when the end is when I will probably gain the most.  If I gain a pound a week like everything I have read suggests a pregnant woman should/will toward the end, I will still be in what the doctors have considered a healthy range for my size.  We’ll see what happens after Christmas rolls around now that I’m living with my parents and my mom makes some amazing Christmas cookies!

Sleep: It’s gotten pretty bad lately.  I wake up for about 2 hours in the night and can’t sleep.  If we have time to sleep in, I will normally fall back asleep, but often that is not an option, so I go without.  I guess this will be what sleep is like when Celia arrives.

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

Cravings: Pretty much nothing food-wise.  I haven’t admitted this to many people, but I’ve had some really strange smell-cravings as I like to call them.  The things I am “craving” I don’t want to actually eat, but I LOVE the smell and I crave the smell of them.  These things include: gas, sheetrock (like the smell of Menards – I LOVE that smell), and paper.  It’s very weird, but it’s gotten pretty intense some days!  I definitely won’t be sniffing any gas, but I must say that I kind of like filling up my gas tank in the frigid cold, even though I do everything I can to not breathe in too many vapors.  I have read that this is pretty common, but it makes me feel very weird!

Aversions: Still chicken, but it’s not overwhelming.

Movement: She’s a dancing machine!  Lately, she’s been sticking limbs out so that we can feel her little arm or leg trying to poke through my uterus.  It’s so cool to feel how big she is!

What I’m loving: I’m loving that we are now in the 30’s week-wise, so we are getting close!  I’m also loving that our house is finally on the market.

Symptoms: My feet have been getting pretty tingly when I sit too long, probably from a lack of adequate blood flow to my extremities. It’s very, very uncomfortable, but it normally goes away from walking around a little bit.  Acid reflux is not my friend and it has gotten really bad a couple times this week.  I love this little girl so much and am just SO ready to have her on the outside (although mentally I don’t think I’m ready for the birth yet).

What I’m excited about: Less stress of finishing the house now that it is on the market, cozying up more during this holiday season, trying to just focus on going slow and resting.  It’s not easy since there still is so much to do, but I’m trying!

What I’m nervous about: There are many worries on my mind, but I’ve been doing my best to give them to God and to just have a breakdown if I need one.  Crying really does help sometimes.  The house not selling or not selling for about what we want it to would mean some not so happy things for us, but I’m trying to just not worry about it because it is out of our control.  I’m worried that we don’t have all the stuff we want/need for when Celia arrives and money is tight right now, so we will just have to see what happens.  This whole process definitely hasn’t gone like I thought it would, but I’ve learned so much throughout all this and am just hoping and praying we make it through with a beautiful healthy baby girl at the end of it all.

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Our Little Cottage in the City: The Final Home Tour

The day has come, my friends, to show you our final home tour on our little cottage in the city.  It is definitely bittersweet to share this post and video with you, since so much love and hard work has been poured into this home.  We were definitely never intending to sell it only a year and a half after we purchased it (if we had known, we never would have bought it in the first place), but opportunities much too grand to let pass by came up that we just had to jump on for the future of our growing family.

I explain in the video a lot of what we did as well as why we finished the basement right before selling, so watch that if you would like more detail.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video with before photos, an emotional update, and a full home tour of the house at the time of selling.

Upstairs Floor Plan Before and After

houseatclosing_floorplan (2) houseafterreno_floorplan (2)

Entryway/Living Room















Dining Room
















2014-11-26_0009Bedroom/Bathroom Hallway


2014-11-26_0030Upstairs Full Bathroom




Back Bedroom Upstairs




Front “Master” Bedroom Upstairs





Stairway Down to Basement Family Room




Basement Floor Plan Before and After

beforereno afterreno

Basement Family Room




Basement Full Bathroom






Utilities/Storage Room





Back Basement Bedroom




Front Basement Bedroom






I hope you enjoyed the final home tour!  We are very sad to leave this home, especially now that it is almost exactly how I envisioned it would be for us over time as our family grew, but it is just a house and now someone else can enjoy it.  We would greatly appreciate prayers for a quick sale close to asking price so we can move on to a new home hopefully before little Celia arrives.

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29 Weeks | Baby Raisin

How big is baby: She is currently about 17 inches long and weighs about 2.9 pounds. She is the size of a small cabbage!

Weight gain/loss: Haven’t checked!

Sleep: Really hit or miss.  It is getting very hard to get comfortable and stay comfortable throughout the night, though.

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

Cravings: Pretty much nothing.

Aversions: Still chicken, but it’s not overwhelming.

Movement: Her movements are getting even stronger and are even more visible on the outside now!  I don’t think I will ever get sick of feeling her move around in there.  I’ve been trying to figure out what body parts I am feeling when I press on my belly, but I am really bad at figuring it out!

What I’m loving: This is going to be really lame, but lately I’ve been so uncomfortable in my own pajamas!  I normally wear pajama pants of some sort and a t-shirt from a concert, high school, etc. which are all size small.  They still technically “fit,” but they are all just so uncomfortable to me.  I love wearing loose clothing around the house, and nothing I own fits loosely anymore!  So, in desperation, I pulled out a pair of San’s pajama pants he never wears, one of his t-shirts, and a sweatshirt and I was in comfort heaven!  I’m sure I looked ridiculous but I felt so good!  Luckily he’s not too much bigger than me so I wasn’t drowning in the clothes, but since men’s clothes are already usually looser and he is bigger than me, it was the perfect solution!  I don’t plan on going back to my own lounge clothes until Celia is in my arms!

Symptoms: I tend to forget my symptoms when I go to write these posts, so I wrote them down this time!  I have been having daily heartburn, which is not something I’ve ever suffered from, thankfully.  It is no fun!  I haven’t found a trend of when it happens, what I ate, how much I ate, etc., so I’m just riding it out and hoping it won’t get worse.  My belly button is also on the verge of being fully popped.  It’s been half-popped for a couple weeks (the top half kind of sticks out but the bottom half wasn’t there yet).  When I am sitting after a meal, it is usually sticking out, but it’s not fully popped all the time yet.

What I’m excited about: Our house is going on the market this week!!!!!  I have a whole week off next week!!!!  We are going house hunting this weekend!!!!  Need I say more?

What I’m nervous about: As excited as I am about our house going on the market, I’m very nervous it’s not going to sell for close to what we wanted.  We would never have finished the basement if we weren’t going to make a big chunk of money off of it (it’s been so hard on my parents and us to hold on to this home and work on it every spare second, and of course with that going on we’ve had more extra expenses than we’ve had all year with my tire popping, San needing new tires, San’s catalytic converter needing replacement, my front brakes grinding, etc.), so it will be pretty devastating if we don’t make a decent amount back on the sale of the house.  However, at the end of the day, I just want it gone at a decent price.

I’ve also started to get pretty nervous about the birth.  I’ve been doing a lot to prepare for it, love our Bradley classes, and am trying to stay positive, but I am HORRIBLE at mentally preparing for things I’ve never gone through before and at the end of the day, really know nothing about.  I could research every birth that has ever occurred, practice all kinds of techniques, do labor rehearsals, etc. and still be super nervous because I don’t know what my body is going to do, how Celia will be positioned, if the hospital will pressure me into things I don’t want to do, etc.  Part of me is just ready to rip the bandaid off because she is going to be so worth it and I just want to get through it!

Sidenote: I plan on taking a ton of photos of the finished house this week as well as film a final house tour video (sadface), but I just want to let anyone waiting for it know that I accidentally dropped my laptop this week and can’t get Photoshop to work (as well as various other programs – I haven’t tried our video editor yet), so there may be a longer wait time than I would like.

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28 Weeks | Baby Raisin



How big is baby: She is currently about 15 inches long and weighs about 2.5 pounds.  She is the size of a cucumber!

Weight gain/loss: I have gained about 22 pounds according to the doctor’s scale for my 28 week appointment this week.  Not horrible!  I have noticed my belly has not gotten significantly bigger this week as it had in week’s past, so maybe it will slow down a little bit!

Sleep: It really depends on the day!  I’m getting pretty uncomfortable, and lately Lucy has been sleeping in our bed in addition to Clementine, so it’s been a little cramped.  I’m the cuddler in their eyes (although San would love if they would cuddle him all night), so the dogs naturally lay right up against me, one on one side and one on the other, making it very cramped since my body is also sharing space with a little one.

I had the weirdest/best pregnancy dream so far!  I have been having painless braxton hicks contractions and that tied with our birthing class and getting anxious/nervous/excited about the birth coming up soon, has led to some interesting dreams!  The other night, I had a dream that it was summertime and I was giving birth in the deep end of the pool.  A midwife was there and I kept going underwater to push.  It wasn’t painful at all, but I looked down and everything was pretty much spread in half from the bust down.  The midwife yelled at me, “If you don’t start pushing now, your body will stay that way or stretch further!”  So, I pushed, apparently really hard, and the baby shot out feet away from me, floating happily through the water and the midwife had to swim pretty fast to catch him.  The funniest part?  He was a laughing, readheaded BOY!  So funny!  By far my favorite dream so far – it was just a painless, happy experience.  Definitely not completely accurate, especially since I’m about 99% positive we are not having a redhead or a boy.  Pretty awesome dream, though!

Stretch Marks: No new ones.

Cravings: Pretty much nothing.

Aversions: Still chicken, but it’s not overwhelming.

Movement: Still overall, very strong throughout the day.  I did have a scare on Sunday, however.  I woke up to my belly having a HUGE lump right under my bust and the rest of it was flat.  I mean, pre-pregnancy flat from my rib cage down to my pant line.  I immediately woke San up and had him feel.  It was so weird!  He said, “You need to do some pelvic rocks or something!!!” and was a little freaked out that our baby was shoved up into such a cramped position.  I did some pelvic rocks that our Bradley class teaches and it went back to normal.  Throughout the day, though, I kept feeling my belly getting really hard, which I just thought was our baby pushing up against the outside wall of my uterus.  I was very concerned because I had only felt a few dull kicks throughout the whole day (probably 3 total whereas normally I would feel dozens more very strong kicks).  I called the nurse line just to be sure, and they informed me that what I had been experiencing were braxton hicks contarctions (the balled up baby and the hard belly), and that I should do a kick count and see if I can get her to kick.  I had been working, so when I got home, I ate a big dinner with half a candy bar and a pumpkin bar from my baby shower this weekend.  Not healthy, but I wanted to pump her with some sugar to see if that would do anything.  Sure enough, as soon as I laid on my side, I felt ten kicks within minutes.  I’m thinking she wasn’t used to all the contractions that started that day, but she’s been back to being a kicking machine even with occasional braxton hicks since then.

What I’m loving: I had my baby shower this past weekend.  It was a lot of fun and I am just overwhelmed by all the generosity of family and friends!

What else am I loving?  Friends, our house is set to go on the market NEXT WEEK!  Do you have any idea how happy this makes me?  It’s crazy to me how much I loved that house but how much I just want it gone now!  I don’t want to be paying a mortgage on a house that it doesn’t make sense to own anymore!  I just would love a home of our own in our new city.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved our house, I loved the time spent there, and I greatly appreciate my parents for finishing the house and allowing us to live with them during the interim between houses.  However, there is nothing like having your own space, and I have never craved it more than now that I am pregnant.  I want to get Celia’s stuff all organized, purchase the last of the stuff we need, get settled, and get ready to spend a couple months cooped up in our new home cuddling and loving on our baby girl.  It is very hard to have the nesting bug hitting me hard (along with my normal organizational/decorating drive) with no outlet for it and no time.  I can’t wait to get back to blogging and posting videos regularly when we have our life back.  It’s been a chaotic time that I greatly appreciate, but I am ready for it to be over!

Symptoms: The only new one that I can think of is the occasional braxton hicks contraction.

What I’m excited about: See “what I’m loving”

What I’m nervous about: I’m a little nervous now that Minnesota now looks white instead of green/brown, which makes life much more difficult with driving, planning things, etc.  I’m trying to be extra cautious about how fast and where I walk since it can get pretty slick out there.

Here are some baby shower photos taken by my friend, Sarah of Sarah Sharene Photography:

View More:


Playing the candy bar melted in the diaper game.

View More:

View More:


Beautiful flowers and awesome prizes!

View More:


There was a three-way tie during one game.  The tied ladies had to drink 4 ounces of punch out of a bottle.  It took forever but was hilarious.  I felt bad for them!

View More:

View More:

View More:


Me with my amazing friends in attendance.

View More:


Me with my mom and San’s family members in attendance.  Our little girl is going to probably be very little!  I’m only 5’3″ but I always feel tall around my in-laws! 

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27 Weeks | Baby Raisin


I finally gave in and got a maternity tank and I am so happy I did!  The small cami I was using from my pre-pregnancy days just looked pathetic on my nearly tripled-in-size belly.  Plus, I think this one shows off all the curves better and is MUCH more comfortable!  I’ve been wearing it under everything lately.  So long, stretchy, and soft!  I’m all about comfort these days.

And just for fun, when I first started showing to now, 14 weeks later.  I don’t mean to sound vain at all because I’m not one to compare my body to others, but I seriously can’t believe how small I used to be.  I think it took a twenty pound weight gain with a baby in my belly to realize that I should be happy with my body regardless of its size!  A woman’s body is amazing – I should be embracing it, not putting it down!  I told San that I can’t believe when I had my hand on my hip back in the day that my fingers would start to curve around my belly – now there are inches (maybe a foot?!?) between my fingers and the curve of my belly.  It’s all so crazy how fast and yet how slow this whole pregnancy is going!  One second I’m ready to meet our little miracle and the next I’m ready to do whatever it takes to keep her in there forever.  Either way, I constantly remind myself that half a year ago, I thought pregnancy was just something my life was not going to have etched into its story, and now here we are.  How a woman’s heart aches with gratefulness and sadness after she’s dealt with infertility and is now pregnant.  How much I would give to allow every couple the experience that I am so lucky to be experiencing.  How much it makes me cry to remember where I was just months ago.  Oh, how amazing our Lord is even if I will never understand His ways, His timing, or His plans.


How big is baby: She is currently about 14.5 inches long and weighs about 2 pound.  She’s about the size of an eggplant.  I have such a hard time using these fruits and veggies as comparisons – that must mean she is as big as an eggplant when she is in the fetal position?  Or she is the weight of an eggplant?  There is no way an eggplant is 14.5 inches long.

Weight gain/loss: I have gained about 20 pounds total since the start of this pregnancy.  It’s not exactly where I want to be considering I’m only supposed to gain 25-35 (and I was hoping to just gain the 25), but I was pretty small to begin with, there have been many crazy changes going on, and I’m not counting calories – I’m just doing the best I can!  It’s all for a good cause!

Sleep: Sleep.  Eh.  I wake up a lot for really no reason except to go to the bathroom or because I’m uncomfortable.  Lying on my side or at an angle has become much harder.  Celia kicks me a lot on the side resting on the bed, and there have been some stressors that definitely have been keeping me up.  Overall though, I’ve taken a couple naps which I usually never do, but I’m trying to go easier on myself because being pregnancy can be hard enough, but considering that, my random new schedule, working on the house, planning to buy a new house, living with my parents, etc. make everything more difficult, so I’m trying to allow myself some grace.

Stretch Marks: None on my belly yet that I can see, but San said I’m starting to get some faint ones along the bottom of my belly that I really can’t see.  Oh well!  It was bound to happen since I’m prone to them anyway.  I’m going to call them miracle marks, as cheesy as that is, because I need to remember these marks are all made because our little miracle baby is alive and well inside my belly.

Cravings: Pretty much nothing.

Aversions: Still chicken, but it’s not overwhelming.

Movement: This is by far my favorite part of pregnancy.  I have no shame in grabbing my belly to feel her kick any time she is active no matter where I am.  It’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever experienced!  Lately, she has really been loving leaning against the outside of my uterus so when I push on my belly, it is HARD.  It’s definitely not the most comfortable, but I love being able to push at the top of my belly and the bottom and see that she is big enough to span that entire distance and more.  It’s pretty cool!  We’ve had a few instances of playing push back where I push and then she pushes me back a few times back and forth.  As excited as I am to meet her, I also am going to miss the mystery and the bonding without really knowing anything about her.

What I’m loving: I’m loving my Bradley classes!  I get nervous about birth throughout the week, despite my best efforts to not think about it or stay positive, but every time I go to class, I get more confident!  I honestly don’t think I would be able to go through with a natural birth without the classes because there is so much to learn, so many things to do to prepare (to position the baby, to prepare for squatting, for nutrition, etc.), and I don’t think I would have really thought about the relaxation component that I believe is the key to a natural birth.  I’m so grateful to have San as my coach and think our birth, no matter what happens, will be so empowering and such a bonding experience between the two of us because we will have learned how to work as a team through this, which I really think I need to go through with it.  I’m also loving all the baby clothes we recently bought.  We’ve been snatching up some clothes on clearance at a couple kids’ stores and Target.  We recently shopped at our new local kid’s clothing consignment shop and we bought probably 20 outfits for only $40!!!!  They are all so cute and so much cheaper than retail.  I can’t imagine paying full price for all her clothes when we can buy the same clothes for $1.50-$5 or cheaper if there is a special sale.

Symptoms: I think I’ve come to the point of the pregnancy when my bladder has a mind of its own.  I’ve been going a lot more often and Celia has definitely been making it harder to hold it when she is pushing on my bladder!  I’ve also seen an increase in my mood swings this week!  I’m not sure if it is a swing in hormones recently or it just came out more prominently due to circumstances, but San definitely did his share of calming me down.  The most notable time was the other day when I was looking forward for two days to eating leftovers of this delicious cheesy, hamburger pasta San made.  I should have let my dad know I was planning on finishing that later, so I really can’t blame a hungry man for eating a delicious, hearty leftover meal.  However, I though I had seen it in the fridge earlier that day, so when I went to eat it for lunch and it wasn’t there, let’s just say I may have cried, swore, and sat in bed for a while hovering between bursting out in laughter and crying hysterically.  It’s pretty funny, but it’s also very annoying to know I’m being ridiculous but feeling such strong emotions!  San ended up making me a new batch.  He’s a keeper!

What I’m excited about: I’m super excited about my baby shower this weekend.  The timing was not the best due to everything we have going on, the holidays coming up, plus me being in my friend’s wedding when I am 37 weeks pregnant, so a lot of people can’t come, but I know it will be a fun time and I’m very grateful to get to celebrate our little one with the people I care about!

What I’m nervous about: I’m not nervous about too much.  The house is really close to being able to be put on the market, so I’m just trying to stay positive that it will sell quickly and for the amount we want so we can get moving on to house hunting for our next home!

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