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26 Weeks | Baby Raisin


How big is baby: She is currently about 14 inches long and weighs about 1 and 2/3 pounds (I bet she is about 2 pounds now since she was measuring a little ahead at our last appointment).  She’s about the size of a scallion.  In my mind, she is huge, but she has so much more growing to do, which I suppose means my belly does too, although I really cannot imagine how my belly is going to continue to get huger and huger as the next three months come and go.

Weight gain/loss: No idea, and I’m not sure I want to know!  We are taking the Bradley Method classes about how what we eat is much more important than how much weight we gain, and with all the chaos of moving, living with my parents, finishing our house, etc., I am doing the absolute best I can and that’s all I should be thinking about.  I can work it off later and hopefully breastfeeding will help, too.

Sleep: Sleep is okay – not much to report.

Stretch Marks: None on my belly, but now they are starting to crop up on my hips which is super fun (sarcasm).  It’s all worth it.  It’s all worth it!

Cravings: Pretty much nothing.  I do love hashbrowns, but I’m not sure if that is pregnancy-related or just something I’ve always loved.

Aversions: Still chicken.

Movement: She is a little mover in there!  It’s funny and sad how I feel her all the time and as soon as I feel a couple strong kicks in one spot, I’ll place San’s hand over the area and the kicking will stop.  I’m not sure if I just feel things more because I feel it internally as well, or if she really just likes to hide from her daddy.  He’s felt plenty of them, but he would love to feel more!

What I’m loving: I’m loving reading about natural childbirth in the Husband-Coached Childbirth book and in our Ina May Gaskin book on natural childbirth.  I read while I’m exercising on the treadmill and it makes me feel so empowered!

Symptoms: Round ligament pain.  OUCH!  I had some constant pain in that area a few days ago and it was so painful!  I couldn’t do anything to relieve it. Doing my exercises meant to relieve the pressure on my uterus only made it worse, but eventually it went away.  I also fell that same day down the stairs…SO scary, but thankfully it was only three stairs in my parents’ garage and I landed on my butt.  I have a black bruise now, but Celia and the rest or me are just fine.

What I’m excited about: I’m excited about my friend Megan’s bachelorette party this weekend!  I spent a lot of time planning it and it is a “pin up girl” theme, so I’m excited to hopefully feel a little sexy (or at least cute) since lately I’ve felt anything but remotely attractive.

What I’m nervous about: I’m not nervous about much – just happy that things on the house are gearing up to be finished in the next couple weeks (hopefully) so we can maybe start thinking about house hunting for a new house to bring our baby home to!

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25 Weeks | Baby Raisin


Let’s do a little comparison, shall we, of what a difference three months can make.



Um…can I just say that this comparison photo completely scares everything in me for what my body is going to morph into when this baby is due which is still over three months away!  I need to remind myself that from the beginning I said I was all about embracing the belly.  It also is not effective for me to google “25 week pregnancy belly” because I feel like a whale in comparison to some people!  I seriously cannot believe how small I used to be!  Not anymore!  Every part of me (except maybe my arms) has stretched in some way, and I haven’t even gained more weight than the recommended amount!  Do all women feel like this?!?  It’s just a huge shock to see how much has changed in 3 months.  She is healthy which is my main concern, of course.

I did read that at 25 weeks, a woman’s uterus is the size of a soccer ball.  I’d say it looks like I’m hiding a soccer ball under my shirt, so I’d say that is accurate!

How big is baby: She is currently about 13.5 inches, the size of a cauliflower or an acorn squash!    I had our latest and hopefully last ultrasound last week and she was measuring a few days ahead and already weighs 1 pound 11 ounces!  This girl just hit a pound a couple weeks ago and now she is almost two pounds!  I read that she is starting to chub up, and the ultrasound photos definitely proved that!  So cute!

Weight gain/loss: I have had no consistency when it comes to weight gain.  I’ve just been going off weighing myself at doctor appointments and a couple random days here and there.  Last I checked, I was up 17 pounds.

Sleep: It may be too early to say this, but it seems that gone are the days of solid sleep.  I’ve been consistently waking up in the wee hours of the morning without being able to fall back asleep for an hour or so.  I’m not sure if it is the constantly long to do list, the chaos of new jobs and a new living situation, or just the pregnancy itself, but it hasn’t been the most fun.  It doesn’t help that this belly is getting pretty uncomfortable, but I have been laying in the best position I can that I learned in my first Bradley Method class, so I’m doing my best!

Stretch Marks: Wow, has this pregnancy been an eye-opener for me!  I fully came to terms with stretch marks on my belly.  Never did I imagine that my first stretch marks would arrive north of my belly.  For a normally small-busted lady, I was feeling pretty happy with the pregnancy chest I had acquired, but it was only a few months of bliss and now I’m afraid they will never look like they once used to.  One of the many badges of motherhood, I suppose.

Cravings: Pretty much still apples and water.

Aversions: Still chicken.

Movement: She is still moving like crazy, and now her punches and kicks have become very strong!  She shocks me sometimes!  During the ultrasound on Friday, she kicked the probe and startled both the ultrasound tech and me!  It was pretty funny!  Her movements are definitely visible from the outside, but we can’t make out any body parts yet.  It just looks like little twitches and spasms.

What I’m loving: I’m loving that we are getting closer and closer to being able to sell our house.  It’s still a few weeks away most likely, but every day is a step in the right direction.  I’m also loving our Bradley Method class!  Due to the nature of San’s line of work, he often works nights and wasn’t able to come last week and won’t be able to come this week, but we are hoping he will be able to make more of them in the future.

Symptoms: One very strange thing happened this week – I threw up for the first time this whole pregnancy!  After months of nausea during my first trimester, I thought I was past the window where I might throw up.  I had worked so hard to not throw up during those months and then out of the blue last week, I threw up I think because I drank too much water and the ham in my omelet was grossing me out.  Probably TMI, but for me it’s worth documenting!

What I’m excited about: I’m excited to finally have new insurance information since the job change!  How lame is that?  I’m just happy all the paperwork has gone through and I finally have an ID number so I don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for any appointments.  I am also super excited that I actually loved my experience at the new hospital and I have been cleared to deliver at the hospital with a midwife!  Let’s hope this pregnancy continues to be a healthy one so I can go ahead with this new choice of delivery!

What I’m nervous about: I’m a little nervous about the weight gain and all the stretching my body has been doing.  I’m super excited to be pregnant and I’m happy to lend my body to this little one, but it’s just such a big change that I’m having a little trouble getting used to!

The latest ultrasound photos:

babyraisin_25weeks_ultrasound babyraisin_25weeks_ultrasound-2

This one looks a little strange, but it’s a good photos of her face.  She’s already got very plump lips and Daddy’s nose!  So cute!


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24 Weeks | Baby Raisin


I apologize for the crappy photos! These were taken on an iPhone in my parents’ basement with one minute to spare before heading out the door.  Go figure I actually looked cute for once!

How big is baby: Almost a foot long and she gained 4 oz. in the last week, so now she is about one and a third pounds!!!  That boggles my mind!  I better step up the eating a little bit so I make sure she is getting enough.

Weight gain/loss: I finally was able to step on the scale the other day and I have gained about 14 pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy.  not bad!  I’m feeling very happy that I don’t have an intense urge to eat all the time.  I’m sure the holidays are going to be difficult this year, but I’m happy to have put on weight slowly and healthily throughout these first two trimesters.

Sleep: Overall, pretty good!  I have started using a long body pillow as a makeshift maternity pillow.  It is okay.  I love when Clem lays on top of it and I cuddle her all night.  She makes a great maternity pillow!  I’m not sure how much I actually stay on my side in the correct position, but I don’t wake up too often, so that’s a good sign that all is well with my body and Celia’s body while I am sleeping.

Stretch Marks: None yet, miraculously!  Considering how much I have stretched (my waist is at least double in size from where it was even two months ago), I amazed I haven’t had any stretch marks appear.  I only began lotioning daily this week (I’m not a big lotion girl – it always feels gross on my skin, but I’m learning to get used to it), and although I don’t believe that lotioning will keep stretch marks away, it’s a good habit to get into.  Plus, it’s bonding time with Celia and a little daily pampering for mama!

Cravings: Apples, but it’s not an intense craving, just something I seem to like often when normally I’m not a big apple fan.  I don’t think I have mentioned before that my only consistent craving during this pregnancy has been water, and I’m so thankful for that craving!  I read that I shouldn’t force myself to drink water, but should drink when I feel thirsty.  Well, I feel thirsty often and get at least my daily amount if not more just because I crave water throughout the day.  I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about getting enough most days!

Aversions: Still chicken.

Movement: She’s a-movin’ in there!  She seems to favor my right side for some reason.  Perhaps the placenta is more on my left side which is why I don’t feel very many kicks there.  I’ll have to see during my next ultrasound (boo – I’m not happy to have so many ultrasounds done, but I’ll explain why I’m having another one in the “nervous about” section).  I feel her movement all the way up to just under my bust, so judging by that and my size, I am convinced she has taken over my entire torso.

What I’m loving: I’m loving that I’ve been reunited with San and the pups!  So much on our to do list regarding the move and finishing the house is done, although there is still a lot to do on the house.  Thank God for my amazing parents and that this baby is not due for another four months.  I finally feel back in control of things and I have a whole week off between my old job and my new job to get things done, which is such a stress-reliever for this do-everything-and-get-it-done-yesterday girl!  I’m also loving that I can eat much better now that I’m not in moving mania where I was eating pretty badly for a while there.

Symptoms: After moving lots of boxes down to my parents’ house on my own (I promise they were light and I was being careful!), I’m having some pretty nasty tailbone pain.  I’ve been prone to tailbone pain before (my mom has always been on me about how I sit because I either need to be laying down or rocked back on my tailbone to be comfortable), so the pain now is even worse because it’s added on to to the normal regular tailbone pain I have.  I know it will go away now that I’ve been taking it easy and walking often, but it’s not fun in the meantime!

What I’m excited about: I’m excited to see Celia on the ultrasound screen again this week during my new hospital’s initial visit.  I’m also excited to get a hair cut!  It’s been almost a year – I’m so bad about that – so it’s about time!  We area also starting a Bradley Method class on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, San has to work during it, but I’m excited nonetheless!

What I’m nervous about: I wouldn’t say I’m nervous, per say, about my appointment this week at the new hospital, but I’m more irritated than anything.  I’ve already done all the blood work up, the initial pap smear, an introduction class, monthly, monitoring, ultrasounds (one to confirm the pregnancy, the 20-week anatomy ultrasound, and then a level 2 follow up anatomy ultrasound to make sure the cyst on her brain was gone and there were no other markers for Trisomy 18), and so on in our old city with my old doctor, but now I have to go to my new hospital from 8am to about 3pm doing three separate appointments!  I’m going to be sitting around most of that time, bored out of my mind. I have to meet with a nurse for an hour and a half, do ANOTHER anatomy ultrasound for an hour, and then meet with a doctor for an hour, all to discuss things I’ve already discussed and to have things checked I’ve already had checked (TWICE).  I suppose I “understand” that the new hospital wants to make sure they know everything there is to know and check everything there is to check, but I feel that as the consumer, which I am as the one paying the bill and paying the insurance company, I should get a say in what I have rechecked or not.  Unfortunately, even with my medical records, they won’t let me seek care there unless I jump through these hoops, so jump I will.  I’m not sure what they could see on the new ultrasound that wasn’t seen on the last detailed, level 2 ultrasound, but I’m just trying to stay positive that I get to see our little girl again and that it will just be further relief that she is okay.

I will be honest and say that these monotonous appointments will definitely determine if I am going to see care somewhere else or not.  There aren’t many options in our new city, but you better believe I will try to find a better solution if I don’t receive the kind of care I am desiring.  I wanted so badly to deliver Celia in a birth center in the Twin Cities.  If she weren’t due right in the middle of the worst part of the winter (which is supposed to be another doozy), I would still consider driving up there to deliver her, but I just can’t risk that when there could be a huge snow storm or icy roads.

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23 Weeks | Baby Raisin


How big is baby: 11 inches long; the size of a papaya!  I don’t like how every website says the baby is a different size.  I’m just going to roll with this even though I read she was only 8.5 inches long last week.  Either way, she is getting so big!

Weight gain/loss: Still no clue!  San took the scale when he moved out to be closer to his new job and I wasn’t weighed last week during my appointment.  I have an appointment next Friday at my new hospital in our new city, so I probably won’t have a good gauge of weight gain until then.  I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy pants (although the button digs into me when I sit down), so that’s a good indicator to me that I haven’t put on much extra weight.

Sleep: Overall, good!  I sleep through the night most nights now.

Stretch Marks: None yet, thankfully!  I still am in shock and am just waiting for them to appear.  My waist has to have at least doubled in size in just a matter of a few weeks, so I’m very surprised I have no stretch marks yet!

Cravings: Still apples once in a while, but otherwise nothing.

Aversions: Still chicken.

Movement: This is my favorite thing about pregnancy right now!  Plenty of people have felt her kick now.  She is getting to be so strong!  I just love having a regular indicator that she is alive and well in there through her movements.

What I’m loving: I’m loving that the basement is coming along (albeit a few setbacks), that we get to meet with our new realtor next week, and that I found a house of our dreams in our price range, and although we probably won’t get it (since we would have to sell our house first and that could be a while until we are even ready to list it), it gives me hope that we can find something affordable that is seriously better than what I ever imagined we could afford after buying our little tiny cottage in our current city with its higher prices.

Symptoms: Nothing other than those listed.

What I’m excited about: There is just so much to be excited about!  Fall is in the air, holidays are on the horizon, and we are just getting closer each day to meeting our little Celia Rae, our miracle.  I just love her so much and I cannot wait to hold her and see San as a daddy!  I may melt!

What I’m nervous about: Not much anymore!  I got myself a new nannying job when I move down with San, so we are fine in that department, I’m feeling great, and we just have so much to look forward to!  I feel like the really scary stressful part of relocating is mostly over and now we just have to get through the basement finishing and buy a new house.  All huge things, but we can do this!

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22 Weeks | Baby Raisin


I’ve been getting SO annoyed with how off these weekly updates have been.  I typically take the photos on Sunday and then I write the post on Monday-ish.  Well, on Tuesday marks the next week.  So, today is Wednesday (it’s been a little hectic, so I wasn’t able to post on Monday), I took the photos on Monday and then on Tuesday I turned 22 weeks.  It just doesn’t make sense for me to do the 21 week post when I’m less than 24 hours away from 22 weeks, so I’m just going to skip a week so these are back on track.  Sorry if that’s confusing! I just want the belly photos and the descriptions from here on out to match the start of the week I am posting about, not the end.

How big is baby: 8.5 inches long; the size of a spaghetti squash!  She’s getting so big!

Weight gain/loss: No clue!  Trying not to care!  With working on the house, eating healthy hasn’t been something easily achieved.  I ate SUPER well last week when I had all my meals planned, but this weekend wasn’t the best.  I need to just remind myself that I am doing the best I can given our current circumstances.  I am not a miracle worker, but I am hanging on to faith that I will remain healthy for our daughter and will eat the best I can as I am able.

Sleep: Overall, good!  I think I may be having some braxton hicks contractions at night, but I have no way of knowing what those feel like!  I have woken up a couple nights now with some belly spasms that almost feel like Celia is kicking, but they are more consistent and a little stronger.  No pain, just enough to wake me up temporarily.

Stretch Marks: None yet, thankfully!  I am prone to them, so I’m just waiting for them to make an appearance.

Cravings: The only noticeable craving I’ve had a few times is an apple craving.  Apple juice or just plain apples.  I haven’t been a huge apple fan most of my life because I don’t really like anything tart, but sweet apples have been satisfying me lately!

Aversions: Still chicken.

Movement: Celia is a kicking machine!  I love feeling her move around!  I had an ultrasound today and she moved from her head being on my right side to her feet in just a matter of minutes.  It’s so awesome to feel her being active and to feel it on the outside fairly easily now.  It is a little nerve-wracking when I don’t feel her for an extended period of time, but I know movement is not typically consistently felt at this stage of the pregnancy.

What I’m loving: Okay, I’ll try to make this a short story.  Basically, during our 20-week anatomy ultrasound two weeks ago, the ultrasound technician found a small cyst in Celia’s brain.  It’s called a choroid plexus cyst.  These are found in about 1-4% of “normal” healthy babies, but that number may be higher because they may not be there when the ultrasound is performed because they typically resolve spontaneously.  They are not harmful, but they are one of the many markers for a genetic disease called Trisomy 18, which typically results in a stillborn baby or a child with severe issues that typically make it a terminal disease.  My doctor and the ultrasound had assured me they wre nearly positive the cyst would go away and that Celia is perfectly healthy, seeing as everything else on the ultrasound looked great and there were no other correlated markers.

Fast forward a week and a half when I’m trying to transfer my care to a new hospital in the city we are moving to.  When trying to make my initial appointment at that hospital, the receptionist keeps telling me I am high-risk.  I assure her I am not, but as we go back and forth, she finally gets a little irritated as she is looking through my records and says, “Well, does the baby have a cyst on her brain!?!”  I confirmed that she does.  Then the receptionist told me, in a not very nice manner, “Well, a cyst is abnormal.  That means your ultrasound was abnormal, which means you and your baby are high risk.”  There were other things said, but that was enough to send me into a full-blown panic attack with hyperventilating, tingling in my extremities, and lots of crying as I thought maybe something really was seriously wrong with our baby and I was not informed.  My mom and a friend helped to calm me down, and then I called my original doctor who once again assured me that all is probably fine.  Just to be sure, we scheduled a level 2 ultrasound to see if the cyst was still there and to look with more detail to see if there are any other markers.

Today, I had that ultrasound and thankfully all is well!  The cyst is gone, just like my doctor was sure it would be, and her heart, brain, kidneys, stomach, feet hands, and head shape are all perfectly normal and she is measuring exactly 22 weeks.  The new doctor I talked to said there is no reason to label me/Celia as high-risk and that I need not worry.  She is perfectly healthy as can be!  It was such a relief to know our baby is okay.  I was trusting God 100%, but it is still very scary to be pretty much shouted at by a receptionist and told I am high-risk for the first time, when I obviously was not aware/had not been told that by my doctor during a time when I was prepared to hear news like that.  I’m not the most excited to start care at the new hospital, but many people have assured me that they do a great job.  So, to make a now long story short, I am loving that our baby girl is healthy!

Symptoms: Nothing other than those listed.

What I’m excited about: I’m just excited to be a mom!  I’m excited to continue working on our house, to be done registering, to have so much to look forward to, and to be doing this all with the most amazing husband I could ever ask for.  I would definitely never go through all of this for anyone else or with anyone else.  He is my rock, and knowing this is all happening for our baby makes it all worth it.

What I’m nervous about: Well, considering I don’t even have a planned income come next Wednesday, that is a little nerve-wracking.  I am trusting God 100% however because I know he brought us to this and will get us through somehow!

Here are some photos from our most recent ultrasound!  She looks so much like San it just makes me smile!


Her little fingers got to me!  I teared up!


We barely could get a usable profile shot because she was doing gymnastics in there!


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